Weight Management

I will provide you with the tools you need to understand your food intake and how it can affect your health.

How it works:

Change should not be about fad diets or restricting your intake, instead I want to help you make lifestyle changes that make sense, and ones that you can maintain and enjoy!

As a Nutritionist, this is what I provide:

  • I will get you know you and explore your individual relationship with food.
  • I will provide tailored nutrition advice to suit your lifestyle and needs.
  • I offer ongoing support over a 3 month (12 week) period to help you maintain your new dietary habits.
  • I will help you work through any personal or lifestyle barriers that may be stopping you achieving a good relationship with food.

Some of the things I will cover:

  • Establish health goals
  • Look at problem areas
  • Advice on portion size for meals
  • Explain how to read food labels
  • Planning for meals, advice on healthy cooking, snacking and eating out
  • Mindful Eating advice




Nutritionist Services – Christchurch