Diet Analysis

Ever thought about whether your diet is as optimum as it could be?  Who hasn’t wondered that at one time or the other.  Whether it’s because we’ve just gotten yet another cold, or have read the latest media release on what we should now be consuming/restricting for greater health, are struggling with keeping weight on whilst following a particular diet, or have concerns over a certain nutrient, we all have days when we wonder how great our diets actually are.

As a Nutritionist I am available for consultations for people who feel their diet could need some tweaking, and some checking to see that certain habits aren’t leading them astray.

When you see a Nutritionist:

I will look at the foods you consume, quantities, timing, and habits surrounding your daily intake.  After analysing a food diary I can look at patterns of food consumption that may be of concern, and offer practical and realistic advice to enhance your health and wellness where needed.




Nutritionist Services – Christchurch