Why come and see a nutritionist together?

Change is never an easy thing to embrace or stick to, and cooking endless meals for one whilst your partner/family are eating their own meals is never fun, if inconvenient and more time consuming!

I believe that a healthy lifestyle is one that an entire household can embrace, and then everyone benefits from it, and research has shown that social support is one of the fundamental factors for successful adherence to lifestyle adjustments.

If we surround ourselves with a positive outlook and people who support our goals then anything is possible.  This is why I encourage couples to come together and get advice from a nutritionist together.

Setting goals together and encouraging each other to do the best you can will only increase the likelihood that any changes you make are sustainable and are adopted for a life time.  As such, I would love to see you together and help make adjustments that both of you are comfortable with.

Please see Weight Management and Diet Analysis for more information on services you can utilise as a couple.


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