My Philosophy…

Hello, my name is Helen and I am a Registered Nutritionist based in Christchurch.

Please note I am currently on a break from taking on any new clients due to the birth of my second son.  Please do get in touch though if you would like any recommendations! Helen

I am passionatHelen for website2e in the belief that good health should be sustainable and achievable.  I believe that health and wellness is not about reaching a target weight range, or following the latest trend, magic solutions, or beating yourself up if things don’t go as planned. I encourage a whole lifestyle change, one that can be maintained and is realistic, whilst focusing on changes that works for the individual.

Helen Potter

BSc Human Nutrition & Minor in Psychology. Qualified Chef

I have always had a strong interest in food, and love finding new easy recipes that can fit into our everyday lives.  I believe food should be for enjoying, eaten with thoughtfulness and love, no matter how quick it has taken to throw it together, or how long you slaved over that special dish.  My love of food has lead to my appreciation of the effects it has on our health and wellness, and our abilities to function at our full potential.  As a Nutritionist I enjoy meeting new people and working with them on their nutrition journey.

I have a particular interest in maternal and child nutrition, and believe the food we provide our children is just as important as the love, environment, and culture we surround them with.  To know we are helping to enhance health across the generations is a great motivator for me.

Nutritionist Services – Christchurch